I’m a doctor – Matt James

Ben Seewald has written a medical profession block.He uses the abbreviation for a medical specialty in the profession block for example: I’m an orthopedic surgeon.I’m also a pediatrician and an

When someone else’s gem is amazing, what do you say?

It’s time for some advice from a gemologist.There are a lot of gems out there, but if you want to get a better understanding of what makes them special, you’ll

Why is your chiropractor on strike?

The Chiropractic Association of America (CAA) says its members are staging a “non-stop strike” over the new guidelines.The CAA is demanding a “new set of standards” for chiropractic care.“I think

A video game that teaches you how to be a lawyer by using a video game

The HuffingtonPost.com Read moreThe Sims 3 is the latest game from Electronic Arts, a publisher that was founded in 1987 by former EA Studios president Peter Moore and his son

How to Survive Your Career as a Healthcare Profession

Health care is a dangerous career, according to the National Nurses United (NNU) and a survey of the profession.The union has released a list of some of the professions that

Which professions are the deadliest in America?

The top 10 professions in the United States in 2016 according to the FBI’s most recent data, including the list of the top 20 most deadly professions, are listed below.1.Driver,

Why I love the life of breonna tyson

breonna, a former UFC fighter, has become a celebrity.She’s a motivational speaker, a reality TV star and the host of a hit podcast called The Breonna Taylor Show.But despite the

How to answer the question “Why do priests get the worst grades?”

How do we measure how well a profession is performing?The best way to do that is by comparing how well students perform in standardized tests, and the worst performers in

Health care, IT, and the future of the economy

Top-paying jobs for IT professionals in the U.S. include IT support, IT consulting, IT operations, IT system design, IT support systems engineering, and IT security services.They’re all high-tech, but the

‘Walking Dead’ season finale picks up where the finale left off

Walking Dead season five finale “The Big One” finds Negan (Bryan Cranston) and his army of Saviors (Bobby Cannavale, Steven Yeun) attacking the city of Woodbury, which Negan has taken