When your doctor isn’t performing CPR, it’s time to do something more important

July 17, 2021 0 Comments

In a move that may have been a bit harsh, a doctor in the United Kingdom has been accused of using a wheelchair in an attempt to save a drowning

How to Get a Job in the Cobbler Business: The Biggest Shortcuts

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In the business of selling everything from food to furniture, a lot of people fall prey to the same mistakes over and over again.Here are five ways to avoid being

How to make a living as a mage

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My first job out of college was working for a private medical practice.We worked for a while and I remember being so nervous about the job that I forgot to

How to make an anti-vaxxer a pharmacist

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If you’ve been in a nursing home or an emergency room, you’ve probably had a close call.You’ve probably seen a nursing bed with an infected syringe that has a needle

How to be a glamour profession

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The career of a glamor model can be very glamorous.The glamour model may have a professional clientele, and she might be paid handsomely to appear on television and on the

The oldest profession in Canada? New research suggests it’s probably not the most popular.

July 13, 2021 0 Comments

A study by the Canadian Bar Association says the oldest profession is “probably not the one you might think of.”The study, based on data collected by the country’s law societies,

Which professions are worth your time?

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It’s hard to say which professions are the most valuable to a monk.A monk has to choose between a sword, shield, staff, and even a pair of daggers, which all

Nurses: Why you should choose nursing as a career

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Nursing is a diverse profession with many different professions.While most nurses are dedicated to the care of people with disabilities, some are also involved in caring for the elderly, people

‘You know who this is’: ‘The most beautiful woman in the world’

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A stunning blonde woman is the star attraction in the new show of “Beauty and the Beast,” which is set to premiere tonight on Disney Channel.The series is directed by

Why a medical doctor who helped a child in Haiti is helping a child again

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Medical students from across the country are working to provide the Haitian people with lifesaving medical care, as well as the best possible way to save lives.They are also doing