Why a medical doctor who helped a child in Haiti is helping a child again

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Medical students from across the country are working to provide the Haitian people with lifesaving medical care, as well as the best possible way to save lives.They are also doing

IGN’s top 15 jobs for kids

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1.IT – Technology Analyst 2.IT Security Engineer 3.IT Designer/ Developer 4.IT Support Specialist 5.IT/SEO Specialist 6.IT Manager/ Developer 7.IT Systems Analyst 8.Software Developer 9.Technical Support Specialist 10.IT Software Developer 11.IT

How to choose the best medical profession

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I had the good fortune of working in an AMA (American Medical Association) boardroom that is known for being a friendly place for people to come together, talk, and share

How to Find Your New Career in Science and Technology

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In a world of job-searching algorithms, you’ll find yourself often trying to pick which of your skills are most suited to your particular career.Here’s how to figure out which ones

Why Stardew Valley is so damn good!

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The title of this article has been changed to make it more clear that the article is about StardewValleyPodcast.com.If you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop a

Why you should consider becoming a certified medical assistant in your state

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In a country that boasts more than a million medical assistants, more than half of whom are women, there’s an increasing need for trained medical assistants.But in the meantime, there

How to identify the “actuary” job in 2018

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There are thousands of athletic trainers, physical therapists, and fitness coaches, but they’re not all acting as they should.In fact, the actuary is often a part of a larger organization.The

How to calculate how much money your family could earn as an athlete

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If you’re considering a career in the professional field, you should have at least a little bit of data to work from.But for the most part, the numbers are based

How to deal with a broken marriage

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A man who claims his wife broke up with him after they had a baby and moved to another state is now suing his former wife for $5 million, saying

When is a career best?

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The Sport Biblical is a new book that offers advice for athletes who want to pursue a career that is truly fulfilling.The authors say the book is based on a