How to make a living as a mage

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My first job out of college was working for a private medical practice.We worked for a while and I remember being so nervous about the job that I forgot to

How to be a glamour profession

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The career of a glamor model can be very glamorous.The glamour model may have a professional clientele, and she might be paid handsomely to appear on television and on the

The oldest profession in Canada? New research suggests it’s probably not the most popular.

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A study by the Canadian Bar Association says the oldest profession is “probably not the one you might think of.”The study, based on data collected by the country’s law societies,

Which professions are worth your time?

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It’s hard to say which professions are the most valuable to a monk.A monk has to choose between a sword, shield, staff, and even a pair of daggers, which all

IGN’s top 15 jobs for kids

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1.IT – Technology Analyst 2.IT Security Engineer 3.IT Designer/ Developer 4.IT Support Specialist 5.IT/SEO Specialist 6.IT Manager/ Developer 7.IT Systems Analyst 8.Software Developer 9.Technical Support Specialist 10.IT Software Developer 11.IT

How to identify the “actuary” job in 2018

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There are thousands of athletic trainers, physical therapists, and fitness coaches, but they’re not all acting as they should.In fact, the actuary is often a part of a larger organization.The

When to ask a Druid if you’re being paid

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When you hire a professional to help you grow your profession, you’re likely paying them to keep your job.You might expect a professional who helps you with your career to

NHL legend Dale Tallon, NHL ‘star’ Dale Tallons wife dies in a plane crash

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Dale Tallens wife, former St. Louis Blues star Karen Tallens, died on June 26 in St. Clair County, Michigan, the Michigan State Police announced Wednesday.Tallens daughter, Jodi, died June 27.The

How to build a career as a Minecraft artisan

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By John Combe John Combes is an experienced Minecraft modder.He’s also an accomplished adventurer.He used to build and design adventure games, including Minecraft.But today, John is a software engineer working