How to Find Your New Career in Science and Technology

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

In a world of job-searching algorithms, you’ll find yourself often trying to pick which of your skills are most suited to your particular career.

Here’s how to figure out which ones you really want to pursue and then find out how to get started.


The Biggest Challenge: Being a Scientist is about being a scientist.


The Great One: This is a science-fiction series about a man who has been trained as a scientist and now finds himself a scientist working in the real world.


The Other Guy: A woman who studies the universe and wants to become a space scientist.


The Guy Who’s Not Science: An alien scientist who wants to explore other planets.


The Doctor Who Who-like Man: A man who can see the future in three dimensions and has the ability to heal and heal other people.


The Girl Who Gets the Job: A female space scientist who’s been taught how to work in a lab and becomes a researcher.


The Woman Who Wants to Become a Space Scientist: A NASA engineer who wants a job in the future.


The Space Girl Who Wishes to Be a Scientist: An artist who wants the opportunity to make art.


The Artist Who Doesn’t Want to Work at NASA: An aspiring artist.


The Scientist Who’s Always Looking for a Job: An engineer.


The Man Who’s Been Trapped in the Lab: An astronaut.


The Human Scientist Who Wears a Science Hat: An astronomer.


The Person Who Doesn