How to deal with a broken marriage

June 17, 2021 0 Comments

A man who claims his wife broke up with him after they had a baby and moved to another state is now suing his former wife for $5 million, saying she had the power to force him to sign a divorce.

Johnnie Williams, 66, claims in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in New York that his wife, who was pregnant with his daughter, broke up after he told her he’d be leaving the state to go to work for the government.

Williams is seeking unspecified damages, according to the suit.

The former wife, Barbara Williams, is the mother of two of the four children.

She was the primary breadwinner for the family, according the lawsuit.

Williams’ lawsuit claims that Barbara Williams had been married for three years when he met his future wife, and that she had made a decision to divorce him because she was tired of being dependent on her husband.

According to the lawsuit, Barbara and Williams married in 1977 in the state of New York.

Barbara Williams has lived in New Jersey and is a nurse.

Williams claims that he met Barbara at the University of New Hampshire in Concord, New Hampshire, in 1979.

According the lawsuit: “She was a student there, and I got to know her well enough to start getting to know Barbara well enough that we got married.”

Barbara Williams was working in New Hampshire when she became pregnant with her second child, a girl named Katie.

According a New Hampshire divorce record obtained by The Associated Press, Barbara told her doctor that she and Williams had agreed to split up in the spring of 1978.

Barbara and her husband divorced on Dec. 16, 1978, and then married again in January 1979, according a divorce document obtained by the AP.

Barbara told the doctor she planned to move to a different state to begin raising Katie, but the couple split again in February 1980, the divorce document said.

Williams says Barbara Williams then contacted him about moving to New Jersey.

According his lawsuit, Williams told her that he was considering moving to a state with lower taxes, and to pay off his debt, which he estimated to be $1 million.

Williams said that Barbara then told him she wanted him to pay the remainder of his debt to the state.

He said he told Barbara he’d move to New York and take the kids there, but she told him he had to go back to New Hampshire.

The suit claims that after moving back to the same New Hampshire address Barbara Williams also went to another address in Connecticut, where she had a second child named Katelynn.

According that same divorce record, Barbara also told Williams she had three other children, and she said she was planning to marry Williams, who had a history of alcoholism and drug abuse, the AP reported.

Williams then called his wife’s cellphone and told her she’d be home in two hours, according his lawsuit.

The two men then got into an argument over their plans to move.

Barbara then called Williams and told him her kids were at school, and he told his wife he was moving out, the lawsuit said.

According Williams’ attorney, he said that the phone call was the last straw.

Barbara also reportedly told her husband she would call him to discuss the issue of their child, and said that if he didn’t take his kids to school, they’d call police and say she was having an affair, according her attorney, Michael Cohen.

Williams went to police on March 17, 1981, when he found Barbara Williams’ body at her home, the suit said.

Barbara’s body was discovered by her daughter, who called police after seeing her mother’s bloody clothing and blood on her bed, according Cohen.

Barbara had a severe cut on her head, the court filing stated.

Williams had told police he found her dead at her place of work, Cohen said.

She had a cut on the top of her head from her husband’s belt buckle.

Police did not find any evidence of domestic violence.

Williams was arrested and charged with murder, according CNN.

His arrest was sealed, and his case was not investigated.

The lawsuit was filed in March.

Williams told ABC News he has had a long and turbulent relationship with his former girlfriend, who he says has a history with substance abuse.

Williams, a member of the New York State Patrol, is now a sergeant with the New Castle County Sheriff’s Office, according CBS affiliate WKMG.

Barbara was married for nearly 40 years, and the couple had five children, including two who live with Williams, according NBC News.

Barbara said in a statement that she was “heartbroken” by her former partner’s arrest.

“I’m shocked and appalled that a woman who has loved me for the last 40 years would do something so heinous, and even more so that she would do it in such a blatant and violent manner,” Barbara Williams said.

“While we have no idea what happened, I am extremely saddened and saddened by this news.

Barbara is now working as a nurse in the hospital as a result of her injuries.

She is hoping to return to her