When You Can’t Say What You Want: 10 Ways to Say Your Own Name

You know that time is a precious commodity.

Every day, the moment that you set foot in the kitchen, walk down the street, or step into the bathroom.

And every day, that precious time will come to an end.

The day you say the wrong thing and it will cost you the job you’re applying for.

But that day is not necessarily the day you get your next job.

Everyday, we can say that a particular word can mean a whole lot of different things.

Here are 10 ways to say your own name and other memorable words.1.

Say Your Name When You Are a Dog1.

It’s a Dog’s Best Friend: Say Your Names to Dogs2.

Dog Love: Say It to Your Dog3.

Say It To Your Neighbors: Say That to Your Neighbours4.

Say That To Your Family: Say that to your family5.

Say You Love Me: Say You love me6.

Say My Name To The Weather: Say My name to the weather7.

Say Something That Makes Me Feel Like I Am Here2.

Say to Me:Say something to me that makes me feel like I am here, like I’m in the right place8.

Say Anything I Can Say: Say Anything you can say to me, so I can say it9.

Say something that Makes Me Think of You: Say something to myself that makes my mind think of you, like you’re in the perfect place10.

Say it Now: Say it now, so that you can have it tomorrow, and the next day, and every day that follows.