How to become an Australian doctor

A growing number of Australians are becoming trained as doctors, but some are also considering becoming priests.

The number of graduates who have entered the field of medicine has soared in recent years, with more than 100,000 people taking up the role in 2016, according to the Australian Medical Association.

But not everyone is happy with their new path.

Some are seeing the profession as an obstacle to their ability to pursue a career in other fields, such as dentistry, according the AMA.

“There are a lot of people who feel the medical profession is not the right path to pursue in their own life, so they’re just kind of going to look elsewhere,” AMA medical director for health and social change, David Legg, told News.

“I think it’s a big issue and a challenge for a lot people to accept, and I think it has really got to be considered as a career choice for a significant number of people.”

He said the Aussie Medical Association would look at whether the Aged Care Scheme could be expanded to cover doctors, dentists and nursing assistants.

The scheme, which is meant to be introduced in 2019, has been designed to give people with health conditions the chance to pursue higher-paying careers.

Dr Legg said he was “thrilled” with the new jobs being offered to those who had already obtained degrees.

“That’s a good thing,” he said.

“People with disabilities can have an opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious medical occupations and really build their career skills and really take that into their own hands.”

For people who are looking for work, they have the option of being an expert in certain fields, but there’s also a much broader range of occupations that can be offered, and we want to ensure that everyone has that opportunity.