Which professions are the deadliest in America?

The top 10 professions in the United States in 2016 according to the FBI’s most recent data, including the list of the top 20 most deadly professions, are listed below.1.

Driver, public transit, police, corrections, fire, medical2.

Nurse, dental, nursing, nursing assistant, paramedic3.

Carpenter, landscaper, landscaping services, landscape design, landscape architect4.

Teacher, elementary school, kindergarten, elementary education, elementary preschool5.

Police officer, police chief, chief of police6.

Police chief, state police, state corrections, police department7.

Dentist, dentist, dentist assistant, dentist technician8.

Teacher assistant, elementary teacher, elementary curriculum, elementary teaching9.

Nurses assistant, nursing home, nursing student, nursing facility, nursing residence10.

Firefighter, fire department, firefighter training, firefighting career, firefighter job