‘Mage-like’ video game character, ‘babababomb,’ will appear in new ‘League of Legends’ title

The character of the game’s main character, Bababomb, is being made playable in a new “League of Legend” game, according to a tweet by the developer.

The developer said that Bababoom, who is named after the character of Babababoom (the “bab” in “babbie”), will be featured in the new game.

The tweet also noted that the character will be the first of the five playable characters in the game, along with “a new character named Sabu” (meaning “saboon” in Japanese).

The tweet also indicated that the game will include a “Bababombs,” or a type of spell in the Japanese version of the title, where a bomb is planted.

The game will be developed by “League” creator Namco Bandai and published by Namco Games on November 11, 2017.

The character was released in November 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.

The announcement of the character in the upcoming “League,” which is set to be released on Nov. 11, comes as the game has been widely criticized for its lack of diversity in its cast.

In February 2017, a game called “Babel,” a video game show featuring the game characters Bababombs, was canceled after a season after it was broadcast on Fox Sports.