When the nursing profession goes rogue: Nursing crisis in Pakistan

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

The nursing profession in Pakistan has become a major headache for the government and health officials in the past few years.

A recent survey by the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (IIMS) found that more than 30% of doctors were quitting their jobs because of their shortage of resources.

The government, however, has tried to quell the crisis, including hiring more doctors.

The country has about 20,000 doctors.

In a bid to increase the number of doctors, the government has invested over $400 million to expand the number and quality of its medical schools, according to a report published in the Times of India.

As of 2017, there were nearly 11,000 nursing and midwifery students in the country, according the IIMS.

Some of the biggest employers in the province are hospitals, private nursing homes, and hospitals. 

Nursing schools have been a major target for the Taliban in the region for years.

Last year, the country’s government declared an all-out war against the Taliban, which are responsible for a huge number of deaths in Pakistan.